Mollee Made


Hey, I’m Mollee! Don’t let the two “e”s throw you — it’s pronounced just like “Molly.” I made this blog for friends and family (and anyone else who might care) to keep up with my latest food adventures and art projects. You’ll find recipes I’ve come up with using fresh, seasonal ingredients as well as artistic creations ranging from realistic acrylic paintings to simple craft projects for my home. I’ll also share highlights from trips I take, information on events I’m attending and some gratuitous photos of my daughter, Julie, and my two Chihuahuas, Carlos and Damita.

Big thanks to my husband, Matt, for setting up this space for me! Matt and I live in a suburb of Richmond, Virginia, called Midlothian, and we’re both creative types — he’s a web designer, and I’m a print designer. I got my degree in Communication Arts and Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005, and I’m a huge fan of summertime, The Beatles and the color pink.