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Finding a Waterproof Socks for Hiking

An average person will make about 2,000 steps to reach one mile. But when you consider hiking, you will still need to add in the features of the trail that you plan to pass pass through, including the rocks, trees, and bodies of water that you’ll encounter along the way. Considering all these, the number of steps that you’ll be making when you hike and just to reach a mile will be up to three to times your previous count. And with every step you make, having the right pair of socks on your feet will play a crucial role in keeping those feet comfy and without blisters until you reach your destination.

Waterproof Socks for Hiking

Choosing a Waterproof Socks for Hiking

A good pair of hiking boots is essential when you want to go hiking. But no matter how durable your hiking boots are, if you won’t be wearing the right pair of socks, your feet will still be quite painful, might be swelling and be with blisters. You will need a good-quality waterproof socks to wear with your boots to protect your feet from the cold and other unwanted effects of long hikes.

To make sure that you get to choose a pair of socks that is best suited for hiking, you need to consider a few things.

Fabric. Most best waterproof socks for hiking are made with merino wool or bamboo as the primary material as this will provide extra comfort and warmth when worn. There are also those that are made mostly from polyester or nylon, however. You will observe that in between the layers of these fabrics, are membranes that prevents sweat and water from passing through, keeping the skin dry and less vulnerable to developing blisters. When looking for a good pair of socks that will be most suitable for hiking, find one made with the right blend of materials to provide the right balance of comfort, warmth, durability as well as fast drying.

Cushioning. Find one with the right thickness for the cushion as this will affect the level of comfort and warmth that the socks will be able to provide. Remember, however, that the thickness or the cushion of the socks will cause you to sweat more. Having said that, you’ll need to experiment to see which pair of socks will provide the most comfort for you when worn for a long period of time while hiking.

It could be one of these cushioning that you need to choose from: no cushion, light, medium, and heavy cushioning.

Sock height. Hiking socks are available in various heights. There are those that are made to be short enough so that they won’t show above the shoes that you are wearing. There are also some pairs that are tall enough to reach the knees. A pair of socks with an appropriate height for hiking will be able to prevent abrasion with your footwear.

No-show. These are short socks and provide little protection against abrasion (skin to boots). They should be worn with low-cut footwear.

Ankle. Socks of this height are slightly higher than the no-show socks. They are made to cover the ankle bone for a bit more protection. They are made to be worn with low to mid-cut shoes and boots.

Crew. A classic pair of hiking socks, the crew socks rest a few inches above the ankle bones to protect the skin against abrasion with boots that have high cuffs.

Knee-high: These socks protect against abrasion that usually big, burly boots may cause around the shins and calves. These socks can also provide more warmth for the lower left and will be quite beneficial when crossing glaciers or climbing through dark areas in your hiking trail.

Fit. Look for a pair of hiking socks that fit perfectly well on the heel side of your boots as this will add to the comfort that you will be provided with while hiking. A pair that is bigger than your feet will cause wrinkles tha will rub against your skin and that may later create blisters.

Waterproof socks for hiking can prevent blisters and will keep your feet from getting wet. It will also keep your feet warm. When choosing the right socks for hiking, make sure to consider those features that were mentioned earlier. You will have a more comfortable hike, and your feet will thank you.